AutomatePagination Release-Notes for EasyCatalog Version 1.48

Performance Improvement

  • Assume having a large number of entries in an EasyCatalog panel, each of which is matter of pagination during the automation process. This would result in a huge amout of protocol entries written into the protocol window. It came out that filling very much text into a text box slows InDesign down relly a lot! In order to avoid such a behavior, two new options have been introduced in order to hide most of the protocol text. Therefore a new option has been added to the pagination dialog named Protocol invisible for better performance. Anyway, the full protocol is still available afterwards in a file in the computer's file system.

New options available

  • A new option InDesign output enabledhas been added to the profile-edit dialog. By this, you can disablecreating InDesign files when you do not need them, so that you can only generate PDF files during the automation process without wasting disk space for e.g. lots of InDesign files.